Left or right handed passwords

Are you left or right handed? How about your password? English based passwords seem to be predominantly left handed. Although I haven't done the proper analysis I suspect it's simply due to the left hand side of the keyboard containing more of the "higher" letter frequency of the Englih language (AERTSD) and the lower number range, which also seems to be favoured over the upper number range.

The February password addition to Jason is handiness.pl, a script which meassures left/right hand usage when entering a password.
~/Jason$ echo -e "123456\npassword\nqwerty\naaaa\nLLLL\n" | ./handiness.pl -
Handiness! Calculates hand use in passwords. 1 is 100% left hand -1 is right hand
0.833333333333333  123456
0.5   password
0.666666666666667  qwerty
1     aaaa
-1    LLLL

You can grab a copy from the github project page: https://github.com/wireghoul/Jason
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