JAHx101 - Huski retail multiple SQL injection vulnerabilites

20100205 - Justanotherhacker.com : Huski retail mulitple SQL injection vulnerabilities
JAHx101 - http://www.justanotherhacker.com/advisories/JAHx101.txt

Huski Retail
Ascet Interactive offers you a very simple and cost effective method of selling goods and services online. Ascet Interactive provides you with a catalogue targeted at your customers, whether they are retail customers or your dealer network. Imagine being able to save on printing, faxing and administration costs by making your whole product range available at anytime via the Web.
[ Taken from: http://www.ascetinteractive.com/?id=huskiretail ]

--- Vulnerability description ---
The categoryID and productID parameters used in several pages are not sufficiently sanitised, leading to SQL injection.

Discovered by: Eldar "Wireghoul" Marcussen
Type: SQL Injection
Severity: Low
Release: Responsible
CVE: None
Vendor: ASCET Interactive - http://www.ascetinteractive.com
Affected versions:

--- Exploit URI ---




--- Solution ---
Contact the vendor for a fix

--- Disclosure time line ---
05-Feb-2010 - Public disclosure
29-Jan-2010 - Vendor acknowledge vulnerability
28-Jan-2010 - Vendor notified through email

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